From Manual to Automated Testing in the Insurance Sector


Role: Quality Assurance Manager

Industry: Insurance

Project Overview: Our team was engaged by a prominent insurance company in Austria to enhance their testing capabilities and implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for important internal tasks. The project initially focused on establishing a usable Tosca portfolio to streamline testing processes. After two years, the project shifted its focus to developing an RPA solution for manual tasks. Subsequently, the overall project objective was to increase automation coverage by 10% each year to reduce the time required during release phases.

Service: Test Automation and RPA

Test Type: Exploratory Testing, Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, Integration Testing, Performance Testing


  • To enable the client's team to gain a comprehensive understanding of the insurance industry and its processes.
  • To enhance automation coverage by 10% annually, reducing the time needed during release phases.





Automation Anywhere

Tricentis Tosca


Programming Languages


Management and Integrations




The project encountered initial challenges, particularly with the existing automation capabilities, which were insufficient for our requirements. This necessitated starting from scratch and designing a highly flexible and scalable solution for future needs.


  • Enablement of Overnight Testing: We successfully empowered all testers to run tests overnight, reducing dependency on human intervention and accelerating the testing process.
  • Automation Dependency: Through our efforts, we eliminated the reliance on manual testing by implementing robust test automation, ensuring consistent and reliable test execution.
  • Reorganized TestData/Test Portfolio: We restructured the test data and test portfolio, making it easily scalable for future needs, resulting in improved efficiency and flexibility.
qa manager
QA Manager
at the insurance

"The project had a challenging start as we discovered the existing automation capabilities were inadequate for our requirements. However, the team from Dolpheen IT managed to overcome these obstacles by designing a flexible and scalable solution from scratch. Their dedication and expertise were commendable, and we are delighted with the outcome."

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