Role: Quality Automation Engineer

Industry: Insurance

Project Overview: Our team was tasked with a critical project that aimed to revolutionize the testing process for their browser application, specifically focusing on insurance and insurance contract operations. Our main objective was to design and create a robust set of test cases that covered all the business-relevant components. These test cases would be executed daily with each new release and also when releases were sent to customers.

Service: Test Automation

Test Type: User Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, End-To-End Testing


Our main goal was to establish a high number of high-quality test cases to form a comprehensive test suite. These test cases needed to thoroughly test every function of the business operations performed on insurance contracts. It was essential to ensure that each business operation appeared at least once in the test suite, guaranteeing thorough testing of relevant insurance product contracts. The project also involved running tests through headless-browser runs, importing and exporting contracts, and manipulating synthetic contracts in the database to achieve varied testing scenarios.







Programming Languages



Management and Integrations



The project presented several challenges, including the absence of any automated test cases initially. However, we addressed these challenges by extensively studying the product and tools documentation and drawing inspiration from a standard subset of test cases. By leveraging this knowledge, we successfully designed and implemented new test cases tailored to the project's requirements.


  • Increase of test coverage from 0 automated test cases to approximately 100+: By creating a comprehensive suite of automated test cases, we significantly improved the test coverage, ensuring thorough testing of all business operations related to insurance contracts.
  • 20% reduction in interdepartmental email communication before release changes: With the implementation of automated test cases, we experienced smoother coordination and collaboration between departments. This resulted in a notable reduction in email exchanges and improved overall efficiency.
  • 100% increase in efficiency due to nightly execution of automated test cases: The introduction of CI/CD principles enabled us to run the automated test cases every night. This automation brought about a remarkable 100% increase in overall efficiency, allowing us to identify issues promptly and expedite the release process.
Project Manager

"Thanks to our dedicated team of consultants, we were able to revolutionize our testing process and achieve an impressive increase in efficiency. The introduction of automated test cases brought about significant improvements, ensuring that our insurance operations were thoroughly tested with every release. The team's expertise and proactive approach were instrumental in delivering exceptional results."

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