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What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance determines whether a product or service meets the specified requirements and ensures its quality


It is designed to increase customer trust and credibility of a company, while improving workflow and efficiency therein


We take complete responsibility for your projects from test management to functional / non-functional testing

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Test automation validates if software is functioning appropriately (usually after software has been changed) by using scripted sequences that are executed by testing tools


The Test Mangement provides the necessary information, infrastructure and manpower between departments to enable and improve the testing process


Manual testing is the testing method for complex applications to identify bugs and vulnerabilities in a software. It shows the product from the perspective of an end user

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Functional Tests

Functional testing ensures the proper working of all the requirements of a software product.

It checks an application or system to ensure that it is doing exactly what it is supposed to. It tries to covers every scenario including failure paths and boundary cases


System tests ensure that the fundamentals are sound enough to allow interaction with other systems


Integration tests provide a smooth transition between different components


Acceptance tests are the final step in verifying that a system meets business requirements and is ready for use by the customer


Usability tests, also known as user experience (UX) tests, are a testing method that measures how user-friendly a software is


Load and performance tests are a test method to determine the stability and robustness of the system


Security testing tools detect and analyze whether third-party requests are malicious

Not Functional Tests

Non-functional tests are based on customer experience and are designed to test the readiness of a system.

Performance, security, usability and reliability are some of the most popular non-functions, although there are many other aspects that need to be considered, such as portability, compatibility, etc.