About Us
Your experts in automation

Dolpheen is a successful company in the heart of Vienna, founded by world-class experts in quality assurance and RPA


20+ Test Automation Engineers and Managers, Software Testers, Frontend and Backend Developers und UI/UX Designers


Certified Specialists


20+ well-known and daily used code languages for performing different types of tests

Start to automate today!
Our Story

The foundation of the company took place in response to the increasing demand for quality in the software sector


We started in pairs and achieved such rapid growth because we didn't try to fight the pandemic, but to understand where it was leading us


We have expanded beyond the borders of Austria and opened a new office in Hungary

How we work

In our initial meeting, we would like to gather general information about the application under test and what types of testing or automation we consider suitable for it.

We are also happy to offer exploratory testing, on the results of which our managers will create a detailed test plan.

The project is divided into subtasks for time and effort estimation

Phase 1

We analyze what needs to be automated or tested, select the appropriate tools, create a plan, and implement a strategy

Phase 2

We set up the required environment, create the necessary scripts and implement the automation and perform the tests

Phase 3

We analyze the failed test cases, share the final result with the stakeholders, we guarantee the quality through strong communication with the stakeholders