Our Team
How we think

Diversity and inclusion are important because each team member brings a variety of experiences and cultural backgrounds that can be an inspiration to others

Our Culture

We strive to leverage the qualities and value the unique competencies that each person brings to the organization


We strongly believe in creating a good environment and we also offer financial incentives, such as wellness programs and family-oriented benefits


Work no longer has dogmas, fixed working hours and places, but times and spaces that focus on people and their goals

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A team to be proud of

An optimistic and energetic CAN-DO mentality is essential, but our team is much more than that

Yunus Founder
Simon Co-Founder
Josef Business Dev Manager
Jiajun QA Manager
Dominic QA Engineer
Thomas QA Manager
Parnian HR Expert
Emre QA Engineer
Hüseyin QA Manager
Can Tom QA Manager
Nagihan Executive Assistant
Mikhail QA Engineer
Jessica QA Engineer
Florian QA Engineer
Baris QA Engineer
Thomas QA Engineer
Michael QA Engineer
Taner QA Engineer
Daniel QA Engineer
Marlon QA Engineer
Philipp Junior Tester
Tsvetelina Junior Tester
Zeljko HR Expert
Fai QA Engineer
Adam QA Engineer
Atila Full-Stack Dev
Daniel QA Engineer
Ugur QA Engineer
Ying Executive Assistant
Diana QA Engineer
Julian QA Engineer
Erik QA Manager